What is the impact of a strong earthquake in Turkey on polyethylene?

Turkey is a country straddling Asia and Europe. It is rich in mineral resources, gold, coal and other resources, but lacks oil and natural gas resources. At 18:24 on February 6, Beijing time (13:24 on February 6, local time), a magnitude 7.8 earthquake occurred in Turkey, with a focal depth of 20 kilometers and an epicenter at 38.00 degrees north latitude and 37.15 degrees east longitude.

The epicenter was located in southern Turkey, close to the border of Syria. The main ports in the epicenter and the surrounding area were Ceyhan (Ceyhan), Isdemir (Isdemir), and Yumurtalik (Yumurtalik).

Turkey and China have a long-standing plastic trade relationship. my country's import of Turkish polyethylene is relatively small and is decreasing year by year, but the export volume is gradually increasing by a small amount. In 2022, my country's total polyethylene imports will be 13.4676 million tons, of which Turkey's total polyethylene imports will be 0.2 million tons, accounting for 0.01%.

In 2022, my country exported a total of 722,200 tons of polyethylene, of which 3,778 tons were exported to Turkey, accounting for 0.53%. Although the proportion of exports is still small, the trend is increasing year by year.

The domestic polyethylene production capacity in Turkey is very small. There are only two polyethylene plants located in Aliaga, both belonging to Petkim producer and the only polyethylene producer in Turkey. The two sets of units are 310,000 tons/year HDPE unit and 96,000 tons/year LDPE unit.

Turkey's polyethylene production capacity is very small, and its polyethylene trade with China is not large, and most of its trading partners are concentrated in other countries. Saudi Arabia, Iran, the United States, and Uzbekistan are the main HDPE importers of Turkey. There is no LLDPE plant in Turkey, so all LLDPE depends on imports. Saudi Arabia is the largest import supplier of LLDPE in Turkey, followed by the United States, Iran, and the Netherlands.

Therefore, the impact of this earthquake disaster on global polyethylene is almost negligible, but as mentioned above, there are many ports in its epicenter and surrounding radiation zone, among which Ceyhan (Ceyhan) port is an important crude oil transportation port, and the crude oil export volume Up to 1 million barrels per day, crude oil from this port is transported to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea. Operations at the port were suspended on Feb. 6, but supply concerns eased on the morning of Feb. 8 when Turkey ordered oil shipments to resume at the Ceyhan oil export terminal.

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