The 800,000-ton full-density polyethylene plant was successfully started up in o

Guangdong Petrochemical's 800,000-ton/year full-density polyethylene plant is PetroChina's first full-density polyethylene plant with "one head and two tails" double-line arrangement, and it is also the second full-density polyethylene plant with the largest production capacity in China. The device adopts UNIPOL process and single-reactor gas-phase fluidized bed process. It uses ethylene as the main raw material and can produce 15 kinds of LLDPE and HDPE polyethylene materials. Among them, the full-density polyethylene resin particles are made of polyethylene powder mixed with different types of additives, heated at a high temperature to reach a molten state, and under the action of a twin-screw extruder and a molten gear pump, they pass through a template and are processed underwater by a cutter. Granulation formation. Under normal working conditions, a single line can produce 60.6 tons of polyethylene pellets per hour.

It is reported that the production line process uses ethylene as the main raw material and butene-1 or hexene-1 as the comonomer to produce linear low-density and some medium and high-density polyethylene granular resins. As of press time, the production line has successfully completed the whole process of refining-polymerization-degassing-recycling-extrusion granulation, the product indicators are qualified, and the production load is gradually increasing. Guangdong Petrochemical's 800,000-ton/year full-density polyethylene plant line I is scheduled to start operation in 8 days.

The full-density polyethylene plant started on-site on September 14, 2020. During the construction period, the full-density polyethylene sub-project department gave full play to the advantages of the "general-department" integrated management model, united forces from all parties, fully carried forward the oil spirit and the Daqing spirit, and took the initiative to attack without waiting or relying on the project location. High temperature and high humidity, rainy and typhoon and other adverse effects. The party branch of the sub-project department gave full play to the role of the battle fortress, and successively organized a series of labor competitions such as "working hard for 60 days", "sprinting for the fourth quarter, and winning 3.30". , built a solid line of defense for safety and quality, ran out of the "acceleration" of project construction, and finally realized the mid-delivery of the device on June 27, 2022, which lasted 21.5 months.

In the production preparation stage, in line with the attitude of "handing over the installation but not responsibility", and continuing to practice the concept of "the success of the owner's project is what the world wants", the full-density polyethylene sub-project department further upgraded the management, and the heart of the installation - the response system With the granulation system as the core, the load test run of large units, pickling and air-tightness of the process pipeline system, catalyst loading of raw material refining, and joint debugging of electrical instruments have been carried out in an orderly manner. Management personnel interspersed with on-site operations in depth to further speed up the "three investigations and four determinations" final items and PSSR sales items. The full-density polyethylene sub-project department has always maintained "resonance at the same frequency" with the owner. The design and driving team sticks to the site, with a sense of responsibility of "always rest assured", and goes all out to cooperate to solve hidden dangers in the pre-testing process, and carefully confirm the preparation status of the catalyst system , The injection of the chromocene system, and the strict implementation of various process parameters have laid a solid foundation for the successful start-up of the device at one time.

In the initial stage of plant operation, the full-density polyethylene sub-project department will insist on serving wholeheartedly to ensure that the plant enters a period of stable production and operation, completes performance assessment, and contributes to the company's high-quality development.

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